Programme of the third Joint Chapter Meeting

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

“Teaching digital archaeology – digitally teaching archaeology”
Session chairs: Karsten Lambers (14:00-15:45), Thomas Frank (16:15-17:45)
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14:00 Opening
14:15 Keynote by Hans Kamermans:

Teaching digital archaeology – digitally teaching archaeology
14:45 Bruhn, Kai-Christian:

Fighting Windmills? Teaching Digital Archaeology in the context of multiple curricula
15:15 Visser, Ronald:

Teaching digital archaeology using digital tools
15:45 Coffee break
16:15 Bofinger, Jörg, Matthias Lang:

Teaching Digital Methods in the Field – a common project of the Landesamt für Bodendenkmalpflege Baden-Württemberg and the eScience-Center of the Universität Tübingen
16:45 Waagen, Jitte:

The OpenArchaeoSurvey project
17:15 Tafelmaier, Yvonne, Andreas Pastoors, Beate Schneider, Gerd-Christian Weniger, Daniel Wickeroth:

Digital archaeology at the Neanderthal Museum – chances and challenges

Saturday, October 4th, 2014

“Identifying patterns, calculating similarities”

Session chairs: Jitte Waagen (9:30-10:30), Philip Verhagen (11:00-13:00), Erwin Meylemans (14:00-16:00)

9:30 Keynote by Irmela Herzog:

Calculating similarities, identifying patterns
10:00 Jiménez-Badillo, Diego, Salvador Ortíz-Correa, Fabricio Pérez-Pérez:

Identifying formal similarities in archaeological artefacts using a new clustering technique based on Spectral Graph Theory
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Mauder Markus, Eirini Ntoutsi, Peer Kröger

The effect of oxygen on the stability of patterns extracted from isotope data
11:30 Haibt, Max:

Classifying the bead-maker’s assemblage
12:00 Lambers, Karsten, Igor Zingman:

Automated detection of abandoned livestock enclosures in remotely sensed images of the Silvretta Alps
12:30 Klumpp, Simone, Barbara Brilmayer Bakti, Martin Kehl:

Spatial context and image recognition – using an Automated Feature Extraction (AFE) model to quantify features within micromorphological thin sections
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 Álvarez-Alonso, David, María de Andrés-Herrero, Daniel Becker:

Analysing Neanderthal settlement patterns in Western Cantabria (Northern Spain) using site catchment analysis: El Barandiallu open air site as case study
14:30 van Popta, Y.T.:

Dynamics of the maritime cultural landscape of the Zuiderzee between 1100 and 1400 AD
15:00 Paliou, Eleftheria:

Evolving hierarchies: modelling settlement interactions in Prepalatial and Protopalatial South-Central Crete
15:30 Frank, Thomas, Nadia Balkowski, Manuel Broich, Barbara Diethelm, Elisabeth Höfs, Georg Roth:

Which tree are you from? An approach to achieve a high probability in assigning timbers to their origin trees
16:00 Farewell, coffee/tea