CAA Webcast “Who’s Afraid of Pots, Networks, and Probabilities? Probabilistic Approach to Ceramic Technology Reconceptualises Interactions between Funnel Beaker West and Corded Ware.”

Freitag den 14.06. Um 12:00 h

This webcast will be in English!

Moderation: Johanna Röver

Vortragender: Erik Kroon, Leiden University

Erik Kroon is a researcher at the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University. He specialises in ceramic technology, network analysis, and European Prehistory. His work focusses on the interactions between indigenous and migrating communities during the Corded Ware transition in the third millennium BCE.

5000 years ago, a migration shaped Europe’s future. Migrating communities spread across Europe within two centuries, leaving lasting changes in connectivity, language, and genetics. Yet these migrating communities did not enter an empty continent. Across Europe, they encountered indigenous communities with millennia-old roots. What interactions between migrating and indigenous communities drove the changes seen in the archaeological record?

This talk sheds new light on this question with an innovative approach to ceramics. Ceramics bear traces of production techniques which potters learned and applied to create them. The approach outlined here can quantitatively assess the amount of shared knowledge between potters from these traces by combining the chaîne opératoire method with network analysis and probability theory.

This offers a unique perspective on the past which focusses on information exchange between groups rather than on groups. A crucial shift not only for understanding migration 5000 years ago but for understanding migration today.

There will be plenty of opportunity for discussions after the presentation.

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